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Added 25th February, 2020

By Jonathan Crouch

Back in 2014, once again, Land Rover looked at a market that many thought was packed to bursting point and spotted a significant gap, into which it parked the Discovery Sport. What other car of this kind can seat seven, set off in the Serengeti and slot right in as easily in Sloane Square as it will in the tightest multi-storey carpark space? No other premium compact SUV from this era can do all this. You’ll need to buy carefully though: the build quality and reliability of this car wasn’t always what it should have been. Find a good one though and you’ll get a great family car. Discovery Sport buyers can get all the style and class of premium 5-seat mid-sized SUVs sold by Audi, BMW, Volvo and Lexus, with the additional versatility of a third seating row, a feature that’ll also attract the attention of people who’d previously have had to settle for something Korean like a Hyundai Santa Fe or a Kia Sorento. You get extra off road prowess with a Discovery Sport too, though it’s not quite a match for its German rivals if you want to throw your car around on-tarmac. Fortunately, most SUV buyers don’t, prioritising instead the kind of supple highway ride and fast fluid responses this car is actually very good at delivering. It all means that for once, the advertising tagline for this model works for the product it’s supposed to promote. ‘Above and beyond’ was the objective in developing this car. In considering the end result, you’d have to say that mission’s been accomplished.

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