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Added 19th November, 2021

By Jonathan Crouch

From princes to politicians, from rock gods to rock climbers, from footballers to farmers, the Range Rover has always appealed to a more diverse group of customers than any other car. As you’d expect it would. This is, after all, far more than just the world’s most recognisable Super Luxury SUV. It pioneered the concept of creating four vehicles within one - an exclusive luxury saloon, a weekend leisure vehicle, a high-performance long distance private jet and a working cross-country conveyance. Of course, such perfection doesn’t come without a price, in origin or in ownership. Or without compromise - in poorer handling for example against, say, a super saloon. And in tighter rear cabin space against, say, a luxury limousine. Perhaps that’s why you’ve never previously considered one of these. Maybe you’ve never driven this fourth generation Range Rover model. If so, consider this if you happen to have the requisite sum to spend on a luxury vehicle of this kind. Sophisticated aluminium underpinnings enabled the creation of a car that’s surprisingly sharp to drive, ravishing in the rear and more efficient than you might expect. In short, it might well change your perception of Range Rover motoring. Drive this car through a river, drive it to the opera: it’s as happy either way, beautifully built, gorgeously finished and - with the right engine - astonishingly quick. True, this improved fourth generation Range Rover is never quite going to be all things to all people, but it has perhaps moved as close to fulfilling that remit as any modern car is ever likely to get. Makes you proud to be British doesn’t it.

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