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Added 29th March, 2018

By Jonathan Crouch

You can’t fault the way that Lexus listened to criticism of the original version of this CT200h and responded by ruthlessly sorting through its issues. The revised post-2014 version of this model is a much better prospect on the used market, thanks to its more supple ride and softer spring rates. Plus attention to detail made the facelifted version of this car as refined as the engine that drives it. With this revised CT, the CVT auto gearbox is more usable and the quirky looks have a bit more universal appeal. In short, it’s a better prospect all round. These changes are quite important we think. Essentially, a CT200h costs no more than the Toyota Prius it remains fundamentally based upon - yet offers extra quality, a more involving drive and the higher residual values of the prestigious Lexus brand. So why do media writers who consistently praise the Prius still disparage its Lexus stablemate? There was some logic in their arguments with the original version of this model: not so much with this revised version. The typical middle management executive wants refinement, low running costs and a prestigious, quality feel. And if he or she can get all that bound up in a properly eco-friendly package, then so much the better. In offering all of these things, the CT200h makes an awful lot of sense if you’re fed up with the default German choices in this segment. If you can find a good one, you may well find it a compelling package. On the balance sheet. And in your driveway.