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Added 16th February, 2018

By Jonathan Crouch

Lexus needed the NX to do well. It did. That was because this mid-sized SUV managed to offer more than the traditional attributes that spring to mind when you think of this brand, things like reliability, quality, refinement, technology and great dealer back up. In addition, there was also desirability, design flair, excitement and a bit of an X-factor on offer here. That might not necessarily mean you’ll want one. It’s obviously not intended for the few who regularly want to get their tyres muddy in this segment. Nor will it really suit family-minded driving enthusiasts. Then there are the distinctive looks. If your favoured model choice in this segment is something squarer and more sensible like an Audi Q5 or a BMW X3, you might find an NX a bit. in-your-face. If, on the other hand, you like bold design and don’t mind standing out a bit on the school run, it’ll probably suit you perfectly. Such potential buyers will revel in the sophisticated drivetrain that shines in the city. They’ll love the generous equipment levels. And most of all, they’ll like the way that this car makes them feel special and different, just like a Lexus should. If you fit that buying demographic, then we think you’re going to absolutely adore this car. So there you have it. The NX isn’t perfect but it’s never boring. And in a market sector that’s getting just that little bit stale, it’s proved to be a breath of fresh air.