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Added 22nd February, 2019

By Jonathan Crouch

In one sense, it’s extraordinary that it took the MINI brand so long to bring us this car. After all, over 70% of all sales in the small hatchback segment are of five-door models. In not offering a conventional MINI Hatch with that option, this franchise was missing out on a significant number of sales. With the extra doors in place and this car in MINI’s range, the company’s position in the compact hatch sector has changed significantly. After all, in the eyes of many potential customers, the extra versatility of this variant will turn what was previously an un-buyable car into a really credible proposition. You have to know what you’re getting of course. Though the engine range can certainly offer the power and technology you’d get in the best Focus-sized family hatchbacks, the rear seat passenger room and boot space of this model can’t quite match the best players in that segment. This MINI gets reasonably close though, priced and pitched to hit a tempting sweet spot between the supermini and family hatch sectors that will suit many buyers perfectly. For these kinds of people, the news that they can have one of these for less than the price of an ordinary Focus or Astra will be music to their ears. That affordability’s key given that high-ish pricing was one of the things that put some buyers off the MINI Countryman model that represented the brand’s first stab at five-door motoring. Here though, the sticker figures seem to be right and have been matched with strong British build quality and this third generation Hatch design’s classy, endearing feel. Best of all perhaps, the extra length of this variant has done nothing to dilute its fun factor. It’s still a great choice for the young at heart.

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