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Featured ŠKODA Review: ‘CITI SLICKER’


Car and Driving's Independent Used Review of the ŠKODA Citigo (2012 - 2017) Range

By Jonathan Crouch
Added 29th September, 2017

Some citycars sell on cute and cuddly virtues. This isn't one of them. Here instead, the urban runabout has grown up, become mature, got itself properly sorted. If that puts off the twentysomethings who'd prefer something more fashionable, then so be it. There are plenty of others in search of an urban runabout with big car virtues and small car pricing, spacious, efficient and beautifully built. This, according to ŠKODA, is 'engineering excellence with a human touch' - a design someone's clearly thought very carefully about. True, there are feistier citycars you could consider: maybe more charismatic ones too. But none that better deliver on the promise of two words that sum this Citigo up. Simply clever.

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