Online Vehicle Valuation Terms

Our Sell My Car service allows you to enter details of a vehicle that you wish to dispose of, either through outright sale to us, or through part-exchange. We determine whether or not one of our buyers would like to purchase your vehicle outright, or if we will make you an offer for part-exchange.

Before we offer you a value for part-exchange, you will be asked to answer a series of questions about the vehicle, which will determine the valuation we will make. The valuation offered is subject to an inspection that will take place at one of our dealerships, and is offered on a subject-to-contract basis. We reserve the right to withdraw the valuation should we decide that you have not answered any of the questions honestly, without any penalty, liability or legal consequence to you.

If, on inspection, the milage on the vehicle has increased by 50 miles or more, or if we deem there to be a difference in the condition of the vehicle, we will offer you a new valuation based on the mileage and condition as presented to us on inspection.

No liability is accepted for any valuation provided which may include any unintentional mistakes, errors or system failures. If you have made a mistake, please notify us immediately. All guide prices shown are in pounds sterling and inclusive of VAT. The purchase of your vehicle will be governed by a separate contract, the terms of which are available on request from our buying team.