Car Part-Exchange - FAQs

Our Frequently Asked Questions about Part Exchanges

Part-exchanging your car at Listers couldn't be easier - but to help you we've compiled a list of our Frequently Asked Questions.

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What if there is finance outstanding on my current car?

No problem. We carry out a history check on every vehicle we take in part-exchange - if there is finance outstanding we can settle this for you. This can be a complicated process but our fully trained business managers will lead you through each step and explain everything in detail.

Does my new car have to be more expensive than the one offered in part-exchange?

No, quite often customers want a smaller or older car and in these cases we can give you a cheque for any difference we agree.

Can I part-exchange my car for a van?

Yes, we’ve done everything before! Bikes for cars, cars for vans and vans for cars! There is absolutely no combination we will not do.

Can more than one vehicle be involved?

Yes, again there are many combinations but we are happy to do whatever suits you, for example if you have one car and you want two, or you have two cars to part-exchange but only want one that’s not a problem. You can even work bikes and vans into the equation.

My MOT has run out, does this matter?

No, absolutely not. We MOT all the vehicles (that require one) before we sell them, however it might reflect in the part-exchange value we offer you as the preparation cost could be significantly higher than normal.

My car is so old I don’t think it’s worth anything in part-exchange?

Sometimes very old cars without MOTs or those that will not run can be worth very little but we still take them in part-exchange. This solves the problem of you having to dispose of them.

Can you deliver my new vehicle and collect my part-exchange?

If you‘ve been into any of our centres, agreed a deal and signed the relevant paper work we will be happy to deliver your new vehicle almost anywhere on the UK mainland at a time that’s convenient to you. We will also collect your part-exchange vehicle, creating a seamless handover experience.

Will you take a Ford in part-exchange for a Volkswagen?

Or a Fiat in part-exchange for a Toyota? Or a Saab in exchange for a Lexus? Or any other marque for any of our franchised manufactured vehicles?

Yes, we are happy to take any brand in part-exchange for any other - with no exceptions.

My part-exchange is in someone else’s name, does this matter?

As long as the vehicle’s owner is available to sign the transfer documents or you can bring a letter of authority with the signed documentation that’s fine.

Can I have a free part-exchange valuation on my current car?

Yes, all of our centres would be happy to give you a part-exchange valuation. This amount would be the worst possible scenario (the final value can increase depending on what you are part-exchanging it for). It will be much more accurate if you can tell us what car you would like to part-exchange it for.

I don’t understand, how can the part-exchange value of my car change?

If the value of your part-exchange, for example, was £3,000, that’s what we would quote you. However, if you were looking at a new car which has financial support from the manufacturer we may be able to increase the part-exchange valuation.

We hope these answers help, however if you have a further questions please contact one of our dealerships.