Alternative Dispute Resolution

While we strive to ensure that the services and products we sell are free of any issues, there are times when a dispute will arise between us and a customer which cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of both parties.

In these cases, there are a range of options for resolving the dispute without going to court, and these options can often be quicker and cheaper than taking legal action.

Listers Group is prepared to engage with a number of Alternative Dispute Resolution providers in the these cases with specific providers. This page outlines the ADR providers we use in specific circumstances.

Finance and Insurance Cases

Where you have a complaint related to finance or insurance, you must first raise this with the Head of Business at the dealership you purchased your vehicle from. If a resolution cannot be reached between us in a period of 8 weeks from the date of your complaint, you may contact the Financial Ombudsman Service, who are the statutory arbitrator in matters of finance and insurance.

For more details, visit or call 0800 023 4567 or 0300 123 9123.

Servicing, Purchase of New and Used Vehicles and all other complaints

In the event that a complaint regarding the servicing of a vehicle, the purchase of a new or used vehicle or any other complaint not related to the purchase of a vehicle or finance and insurance cases arises and a resolution cannot be reached between us, you may contact the National Conciliation Service who we will use as our arbitrator in all other matters.

For more details, visit