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Toyota has been producing hybrid car technology since 1997, where they introduced the pioneering Prius. Since then, a range of Hybrid cars have become available in the Toyota fleet including the smaller Yaris and the RAV4 SUV.

What is a hybrid car?

A hybrid is a combination of two different components. In the case of a hybrid vehicle it’s a pairing of two conventional power sources, a petrol engine and electric motor, seamlessly working together to propel the car forward. The result of this is a much more efficient engine with fewer emissions, and an increase in power and torque.

Why choose a hybrid?

Hybrid technology is always expanding, and there are more and more hybrid cars going into production every day. This expansion has occurred due to the variety of financial benefits and the eco-friendly nature to the new hybrid engines. For example, owners of Toyota models that operate hybrid engines pay much less tax than an owner of a conventional Toyota car. Toyota hybrids also increase fuel efficiency and lower emissions due to the electric motors that assist the engine in delivering power.

Front exterior shot of the Toyota Yaris
Side profile of the Toyota C-HR

Self-charging hybrid

Toyota’s modern self-charging hybrids are even more efficient nowadays due to their ability to charge the motor on the move. They also charge the electric motor when stationary or when slowing down. This is made possible by utilising technology such as the regenerative braking system, which recovers energy that would normally be lost and stores it in the battery for later use.

A history maker

Toyota has been perfecting and innovating this technology for over 40 years, paving the way to the Prius release in 1997, the first mass produced hybrid car which changed the way we drive. Toyota Hybrids are now enjoyed by over 10 million drivers worldwide, each one equipped with pioneering Toyota Hybrid technology. Whether a compact hatchback, an SUV crossover or a saloon, the Toyota self-charging hybrid range adapts to your needs and your lifestyle.

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