Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles awarded Manufacturer of the Year

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles receive multiple awards at the 2018 Van Fleet World Awards

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Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles have been awarded the Manufacturer of the Year award at the 2018 Van Fleet World/Vans A2Z Awards. This achievement has been largely due to Volkswagen’s focus on making the latest safety features standard on all of their commercial vehicles. Since 2017, all UK Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles vans have left the factory with autonomous emergency braking (AEB) as standard. This incorporates Front Assist, City Emergency Braking and Post-Collision Braking systems.

Front Assist helps you manage your surroundings by monitoring the road ahead and measuring critical distances. If it detects a potential collision, the system will alert you visually and audibly as well as preparing the braking system for an emergency brake application.

This system works alongside the City Emergency Braking feature, which is active in traffic at speeds of up to 18mph. This feature becomes active if a driver doesn’t brake hard enough, and will increase the braking pressure accordingly. If a driver fails to brake at all, the system will autonomously brake in an attempt to avoid an accident, or reduce the collisions severity.

In 2016, the Department for Transport reported that this technology could have prevented 348 deaths or serious injuries and 2,496 accidents if fitted to all commercial vehicles below 3.5 tonnes.

Volkswagen Van Safety Procedure

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles have even taken these safety systems one step further, by introducing Post-Collision Braking. This system becomes active after an initial collision, whereby it slows the vehicle to 6mph and activates the hazard lights, mitigating the risk of further impacts. The driver, however, can still regain control of the vehicle’s direction and speed if in a condition to do so.

The thorough extent to Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles safety features has resulted in them achieving the Best Van Safety award as well, along with the Caddy and Crafter being best in their class.