Stepping into the future: Arteon and Arteon Shooting Brake

Set to go on sale later this year

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Volkswagen, who are launching 34 new models this year, has declared the futuristic, luxurious Arteon and Arteon Shooting Brake models as their pièce de résistance for 2020.

The new models are characterised by their unique, avant-garde design and expressive features. These include the wide bonnet, chrome bars, new-look radiator grille and striking continuous light strip, which really makes it stand out from the crowd all hours of the day.

Not only are the Arteon and Arteon Shooting Brake striking in its design, the inclusion of an eHybrid option for the first time makes them thoughtful too. Whilst the Arteon is amongst the first of its kind to offer plug-in hybrid drive, the long purely electric range of the hybrid allows drivers to travel locally and emit zero emissions for short periods of time.

Inside the vehicles are a host of new technologies and a revamped interior design. The most prominent being the introduction of Travel Assist, which combines adaptive cruise control, Lane Assist, Autonomous Emergency Braking, Front Assist and an updated Rear and Trailer View camera to make travelling safer than ever.

The cockpit has also been upgraded to incorporate wireless connectivity with apps such as Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and more.

In terms of the interior design itself, drivers can enjoy the attractive finishings, trims in the dash panel as well as the adaptable lighting – changeable depending on your mood – and re-designed cockpit with an updated environment and multi-functional steering wheel with touch controls.

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