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Summer is the perfect time to escape your local surroundings and road trip to somewhere new. With roads to explore, and (hopefully) good weather to enjoy, it’s a great time to explore what the UK, or abroad, has to offer.

However, being on the road can often mean sacrificing some of the amenities and space you are normally used to, which is why we have gathered a list of genuine accessories to make your next road trip as fun (and safe) as possible. From extra luggage capacity, to ice coolers and trip recording cameras, there are plenty of must-haves to enhance your next getaway.

Keeping you cool on the move

Mercedes-Benz has an answer to the common problem on road trips of not being able to keep your food or drink at the temperature you want it to be. Whether you're taking cold drinks, a picnic or baby food with you, the multifunctional coolbox cools or warms according to your needs, making it the perfect accessory for any road trip. Thanks to the extra-effective insulation, it cools to as low as -2° C.

Powered via your vehicle's standard in-car 12-volt socket, the coolbox is both convenient and easy to plug in. For pricing and availability, learn more by clicking here, or get in touch with your local Listers Mercedes-Benz dealership.

Mercedes-Benz Coolbox

Be road trip ready

Protection packs are an excellent way to ensure you have a road trip to remember, without compromising on the condition of your vehicle. The SEAT Protection Pack, for example, offers a loadliner, rear bumper protection film and rubber mats – all designed specifically for each SEAT model. This offers protection against scratches, bumps and spills on your travels and when loading/unloading your vehicle, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Explore the SEAT Protection Pack here, or get in touch using the form at the bottom of the page to enquire about another brand.

SEAT Protection Pack

Vacation without compromising on storage

Cars and vans are continually offering more space nowadays, but if you still need some extra luggage capacity, making use of the roof is a very cost-effective option. There will almost definitely be a roof rack system available from your vehicle’s manufacturer for your car (unless it is a convertible, of course). Audi, for example, offer a variety of roof rack systems, which are both stylish and aerodynamic with great luggage capacities. Certain models allow for a bike rack, or even ski and snowboard if you’re travelling to somewhere cold.

To view Audi’s full list of roof rack systems, click here, or get in touch below to enquire about a different brand.

Audi Roof Box

Capturing the moment for your safety

On your road trip you will be covering a lot of miles, and potential hazards can arise. That’s why it can be beneficial to have a dashboard camera, which can capture critical driving situations taken from the car’s perspective. The BMW Advanced Car Eye 2.0 records high quality full HD wide-angle video both whilst you are driving to document trip data and also for up to 24 hours in parking mode to record video evidence of damage or theft. Able to be used universally in almost all BMW models, it is a great addition ahead of your summer road trip for your peace of mind.

Click here to enquire about the BMW Advanced Car Eye 2.0, or to ask about a dashboard camera from a different brand, get in touch using the form below.

BMW Advanced Car Eye 2.0

For the adventurous explorer

The new Land Rover Defender is a great choice if you’re planning on road-tripping, and if you’re lucky enough to own one, you’re going to want to look into Land Rover’s Explorer Pack.

This pack includes add-ons like a raised air intake, expedition roof rack, exterior side-mounted gear carrier, and visual tweaks like bonnet decals. Granted, this does come at a price, but with the Explorer Pack added to your Defender there won’t be many problems you can’t overcome on your summer road trip.

Get in touch with Listers Land Rover today to enquire about the Explorer Pack for your Defender.

Land Rover Explorer Pack

Bring your furry friend with you

Taking your dog with you on your road trip? We’ve got you covered. Most of the manufacturers we represent offer dog guards to ease the strain of taking your dog with you, whether the journey is short or long. The Toyota RAV4 Half Height Dog Guard is a perfect example, and is the ideal accessory to fit before taking your dog on your summer vacation.

The guard prevents your dog from jumping over onto the seats in front, and maintains visibility through the rear window from its mesh design. If you’re lucky enough to own two dogs, you can even by a Dog Guard Divider, to ensure your furry friends behave themselves as you drive!

Find out more about the Toyota Dog Guard and Divider here, or contact your local Listers Toyota Centre to place an order.

Toyota Dog Guard

Prepare your vehicle properly with a showroom finish

One of the best ways to prepare for your summer road trip is to get your car looking showroom new, inside and out. This will make your car feel even more special to be in and drive, and is easier to accomplish than you may think. Brands like Volvo offer a comprehensive car care pack, offering products that enhance and protect both exterior paintwork and interior surfaces.

Mud, dirt, road salt, and bug stains are just a few examples of potentially harming substances that may cause damage to your paintwork on your travels, so it can be a weight off your shoulders to know that your paintwork is protected and maintaining a high quality finish.

Visit the Volvo website for further details on Volvo Car Protect, or contact Listers Volvo Worcester to place an order.

Volvo Car Protect

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