50% of cars exceed motorway speed limit according to new data

Read the new statistical release from the Department for Transport.

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In 2019, under free-flowing traffic conditions, 50% of cars exceeded the speed limit on motorways according to a new statistical release from the Department for Transport.

Officially known as Vehicle Speed Compliance Statistics, the document presents estimates of compliance with speed limits in free-flowing conditions on roads in Great Britain.

The results confirmed that compliance tended to be lowest on 30mph roads, with 54% of road users exceeding the speed limit, whereas compliance was highest on national speed limit single carriageways, with only 9% of motorists exceeding the speed limit.

The Department for Transport was also able to work out the average car speeds under free flow conditions. Averages for motorway and 60mph speed limit roads came under the speed limit, with results of 69mph and 50mph respectively. On 30mph roads however, the average was just over the speed limit at 31mph, and the proportion of cars exceeding the speed limit by over 10mph was 6%.

Statistics also revealed that cars exceeding the speed limit generally increased in the evening and early in the morning on all three speed limits. The Department for Transport has stated, however, that overall vehicle compliance with speed limits has ‘remained broadly stable since 2011’.

Read full details at gov.uk.

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