‘New car smell’ may be on the way out due to new regulations

The 'new car smell' may become a thing of the past.

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The ‘new car smell’ has become a fundamental part of the car buying process for many people over the years. It signifies that the vehicle has come straight from the factory, and is caused by scents from organic compounds during the build process.

This ‘smell’, however, may end up being a thing of the past as manufacturers are pressured by regulators to use odourless alternatives to volatile organic compounds (VOCs) on their vehicles.

According to Autocar, there are eight substances that are to blame, including benzene, acrolein and xylene. Warmer weather can also heighten the smell.

New Toyota Yaris

China is specifically affected by this, and regulations have been implemented so that from July 2021 manufacturers need to use different materials that don’t produce a smell in order to keep selling cars over there. This is especially important for UK manufacturers, as China is the UK’s largest new car market.

The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe has been looking into the issue since 2014, according to Autocar. Guidance on interior air quality standards were updated earlier this year, though it’s yet to be adopted.

Read full details at Autocar.com.

Toyota Corolla Interior

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