New SEAT Leon wins What Car? Group test with five-star score

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New SEAT Leon wins What Car? group test with five-star score.

The new SEAT Leon has gone up against the Ford Focus and the new Volkswagen Golf in What Car?'s best family hatchback review and came out on top.

Its sporty new design impressed as it reached from zero-to-60 in 7.7 seconds, faster than its competitors and boasting a smoother, quieter engine. Its spacious interior and bigger boot capacity helped it to achieve podium position.

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Highlights of the article:

Driving performance

‘The Leon is a joyful thing to drive. It changes direction eagerly, grips hard and stays neatly balanced through fast corners, never feeling unruly or unpredictable.’


‘Its software is completely different, and we much prefer it. The unconventional menus seem a tad confusing at first, but within 15 minutes they make sense, and the screen is more responsive to inputs than the Golf’s.’

Interior space/comfort

‘Front space is fine in all three; rear seat space is where the real differences are. The Focus and Leon have plenty left over; even if you’re tall and sitting behind someone who has slid their seat back, your knees will have loads of clearance.’

‘The Focus and Leon are also far more accommodating when you need to carry a third adult in the back; anyone sitting in the middle rear seat of the Golf will really struggle for leg room.’

‘Both the Focus and Leon have above-average-sized boots for the family car class, taking six carry-on suitcases below the parcel shelf with room left over.’


‘Unsurprisingly, the more powerful Leon wasn’t as thrifty but still managed a respectable 44.9mpg, which makes the 44.1mpg achieved by the Focus look a bit mediocre.’

The final verdict was that over the years, the Leon has had several oh-so-nearly moments against the Golf. It was always a fine car, but it had to rely on its lower price to even get close to Volkswagen’s perennial champion, and even then it usually came up short.

Not anymore. The new Leon is, in many ways, a fundamentally better car than the Golf Mk8. It’s more fun to drive, plus it has a better infotainment system, more space in the back and, in the form tested here, a better engine.

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