SEAT adds first ever Mental Health feature to its cars.

In partnership with CALM, the suicide prevention charity.

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Nine in 10 people see driving as a way to improve their mental health.

In response to this research commissioned by SEAT, they have teamed up with suicide prevention charity, Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) to pilot a new mental health 'SOS' feature which has been added to SEAT cars.

This pilot feature can be found in the vanity mirror of new vehicles and includes a QR code. If and when a driver needs some advice, they simply scan the QR code which takes a user to a page on CALM's website - which has been specifically-designed. The user can find a wealth of information, including hints and tips to preserve your mental health, and contact telephone numbers if the user may need support.

Richard Harrison. Managing Director of SEAT UK, said: “With our longstanding mental health partner, CALM, we wanted to play a small part in helping people to quickly access support when they need it."


Research commissioned by SEAT found that:

  • Nearly 59% of people admit to having to temporarily leave home to de-stress
  • 90% of people said they go for a drive to help them stay positive
  • 60% say being able to drive their car during COVID restrictions has positively impacted their mental health
  • 76% of younger drivers aged 18-24 felt their car had been a positive influence on their mental health
  • Drivers in London were more likely to go for a drive to keep positive throughout the week than drivers based in Yorkshire and Humber.

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