Jaguar tyre safety and inspection.

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Tyre safety and inspection

Jaguar is a renowned and luxury brand, with incredible safety systems and features across the entire range of vehicles. These safety systems such as the Anti-lock Braking, Pre-Collision System and Vehicle Stability Control, all rely on four small things for their capabilities to actually work. These are your four tyres which enable your vehicle to grip, maintain balance and connect you to the road surface.

High performance tyres make all the difference to your Jaguar driving experience. Therefore, inspecting your tyres is essential to ensure your vehicle is fit for those road journeys ahead. Do not overlook this safety component and ensure your Jaguar tyres are regular inspected by a qualified Jaguar technician. Keeping your tyres in check requires the relevant workshop equipment, which will access vital aspects of your tyres including tread depth, pressure and overall condition.

Tyre Thread

The tyre thread on your Jaguar is important simply because braking distance increases as tyre tread wears out. Check your tread depth in at least 3 different locations across the circumference of the tyre to ensure there is no uneven tread wear.

Jaguar genuine wheels and tyres are designed specifically to work with the safety systems of your Jaguar, and engineered to deliver geometric and balance standards.

Tyre Pressure

There are three main reasons why checking your tyre pressure is important. Safety, fuel economy and the environment.

Jaguar vehicles use high performance tyres, making it important to check your tyres frequently. Under inflated tyres can overheat; and over inflated tyres can lead to poor vehicle handling on the road. Furthermore, under-inflated tyres have increased rolling resistance, which means more fuel is required to maintain the same speed and maintaining optimum fuel efficiency can equate to lower CO2 emissions.

Unsure if your tyres are fit for purpose?

If you are unsure if your tyres are fit for purpose, then our team of technicians are on hand to answer any questions you might have on maintaining your Jaguar. You can feel comfortable that when it comes to service, MOT or repairs, our manufacturer trained technicians only fit genuine Jaguar approved parts.

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