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Driving Experience

The Audi e-tron is a refined SUV, capable of driving up to 241 miles on a single charge, which Audi claims is ‘concept clarity’ in action. Essentially, it’s a vehicle that doesn’t try to be too radical, rather persuade the buyer to switch to an electric vehicle that has the look and feel that people recognise. The world is moving towards an electric future and Audi joined the race with this strong competitor, it was their first electric vehicle.

It’s safe to say that the performance we have come to expect from Audi has not been compromised by electric power. The electric motor at the front combined with the one at the rear jointly produce 300kW of power, propelling the car from 0 – 62mph in less than 6 seconds. This is particularly impressive considering how large, spacious and practical the e-tron SUV is.

The e-tron will provide a comfortable journey, with adaptive air suspension contributing to a smooth and quiet ride. The deluxe 2-zone electronic climate control with remote preconditioning allows you to heat or cool the car before you enter, to the perfect temperature. Handling is also impressive, with the battery sitting low down in the vehicle, this helps to ensure a low centre of gravity, it also provides extra leg room in the rear. The all-wheel drive quattro system means there is excellent grip in all weathers, and the system excels itself in wet conditions.

Audi have maintained their premium design inside, with plenty of room in the cabin to relax. Stepping into the car, you will be greeted by a high-definition touchscreen in the centre console, navigation plus, and the virtual cockpit. In addition, there is an impressive infotainment system which provides high-speed 4G internet access. Other highlights include Google Earth, destination input via myAudi or Google Maps, access to Google, weather, news online and travel information. The parking system with 360-degree display guides you into tight spots with ease and optional virtual wing mirrors with cameras stream a view of what is behind onto displays mounted within the front doors.

Charging an e-tron at home

The most convenient way to charge your e-tron will be through a dedicated 7kW or 11kW wallbox at home. Charging overnight will deliver a full charge by morning, saving trips to public stations, and takes advantage of cheaper night-time electricity rates. Our helpful and friendly teams will be happy to give you the information you need on charging at home and the installation of your wallbox.

Alternatively, the battery can be charged using a three-pin plug, however due to the high-capacity battery, this could take a while. The e-tron features handy charge points on the front wings both sides and you can control the charge remotely from the myAudi app.

Charging the e-tron
Charging at a public charging point

Charging on the move

When you need to take a longer journey where the round trip will be in excess of the e-tron’s large range, you will find thousands of public charging stations available to you. As of 14th May 2021, there are 40,818 charging points in the UK, a figure that is continually rising due to the ever-increasing popularity of the electric vehicle. In fact, electric vehicle charging sites now outnumber petrol stations.

The myAudi app will help you easily manage the charge of your car’s battery and range status, as well as help you plan journeys in line with suitable charging stations. It will then send the route to your car’s navigation system, so you don’t have to worry about finding charging points on your travels.

Side camera on the e-tron
Audi e-tron
e-tron boot space

Useful statistics and resources

On a single charge, the Audi e-tron can drive up to 241 miles, meaning you don’t have to worry about running out of battery regularly. A 100-350kW DC Ultra Rapid charging point will get the car to approximately 80% charge in 30 minutes and will take 50 minutes to charge fully. A 50kW Rapid DC charging point will charge the car fully in approximately 1 hour 42 minutes and will provide 80% charge in 1 hour 20 minutes. You can locate public charging stations via the Zap-Map app or visit

There are a few different options to choose from when purchasing your e-tron. The original e-tron 55 has 402bhp and up to 241 miles of range. The e-tron 50 has less power and a smaller battery, with 309bhp and up to 195 miles of range but is cheaper. Finally, there is the tri-motor e-tron S with 496bhp and 223 miles of range.

Charging an e-tron

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