Best car games to keep the kids entertained

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Hooray, we’re finally able to travel again! However, we know that keeping kids entertained on long journeys can be a little bit stressful. To make your journey a little easier, we’ve compiled the best (free) games to play in the car to help delay the constant stream of “Are we there yet?” and “I’m bored”.

Would you rather...?

Would you rather have an Audi or a BMW? Would you rather eat pizza or pasta every day for a month? The amount of ‘Would you rather’ questions you could ask each other are infinite and you can make them as wacky as you like! This game is sure to keep children and adults of all ages amused for the duration of your journey.

Shopping List

In alphabetical order, one player starts with “I went to the supermarket and I bought…” and adds an item to their shopping list. The second player repeats the first item and then adds another item to the list. Players who forget an item on the list or get it incorrect are eliminated.


  • Player 1: “I went to the supermarket and I bought… an apple.”
  • Player 2: “I went to the supermarket and I bought… an apple and butter.”
  • Player 3: “I went to the supermarket and I bought… an apple, butter and coffee.”
  • Player 4: “I went to the supermarket and I bought… an apple, butter, coffee and a doughnut.”

20 Questions

For this game, one person thinks of a category – usually a person, place or thing. The other players then take turns asking up to 20 yes or no questions in an effort to figure out what the answer is. If nobody has guessed the answer after 20 questions, each player is asked to make a final guess. For example, players could ask questions such as, does it fly? Is it in the car? Is it an animal?

Word Association

This fun game requires speed and concentration. The first player says a random word, then the next player says another word associated with the first. Repeat these steps until someone takes too long to answer, repeats a word, or gives a word with no clear association.


  • Player 1: Burger
  • Player 2: Barbecue
  • Player 3: Summer
  • Player 4: Holiday

Treasure Hunt

This game requires a little preparation; however, it is a great game for when the adults want a bit of quiet time. Before setting out on your journey, come up with a list of treasure items to be found along the way. For example, a yellow car, a sheep, a motorbike, etc. This can either be a competition or simply marking items off the list.

So, there’s our top favourite games to keep the whole family entertained. Looking to upgrade your current vehicle to make your travels even more pleasurable? Click here to take a look at the best cars for families.

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