All you need to know about driving an electric vehicle

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Electrified cars are becoming popular, they are changing the world. The government have announced that by 2030 all new cars sold in the UK must be electrified. Don’t worry about the change, it’s a big step but the advantages are unstoppable. You do not need a different driving license and you will not need to learn anything new; the biggest difference you’ll notice is how quiet the car is.

Two types of electrified cars: fully electric and hybrid

In a fully electric vehicle, the wheels are driven by an electric motor. The electricity powering the motor usually comes from a battery, known as battery electric vehicles or BEVs. The battery charges when the car is plugged into a mains electric supply. An electric car has no gears, therefore the acceleration is smooth. In a hybrid, the petrol engine will only start when needed.

How to get the most out of an electrified car?

  • Make sure you charge the vehicle before setting out on your journey.
  • Avoid harsh acceleration as it requires more energy.
  • Allow the car to slow using the accelerator instead of the brake.



Fully Electric Charging

If you have off-street parking, charging your car will be easy. Connecting your car to your power supply, which will take six hours depending on the car. Companies are increasing the number of charging facilities, allowing employees to charge their car while they work. For a long trip, you may need to charge up your car on your way. Currently, there are over 35,000 charging points across the UK. Supermarket and car park charging spots are often free. Service stations are also likely to have charging points, however a payment is often needed.

Hybrid Charging

Hybrid vehicles self-charge, using a generator driven combustion engine. As long as the car has fuel, the battery will charge.

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