BMW i Hydrogen NEXT with hydrogen fuel cell testing begins.

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The BMW i Hydrogen NEXT is a pure electric vehicle that uses hydrogen as fuel, which converts to electricity in a fuel cell. The extensive field testing has started in Europe and the vehicle is projected to enter the production phase in 2022.

BMW has tested the hydrogen storage tank, battery pack, and electric motors individually. However, BMW is yet to assess the entirety of the i Hydrogen NEXT. The aim is to examine how effectively the CO2-free drive train works in real-life conditions. Also, to measure metrics which include reliability, safety, and efficiency during everyday conditions to ensure the new model has the same sheer driving pleasure of all BMW models.

BMW board member Frank Weber said “Hydrogen fuel cell technology can be an attractive option for sustainable drivetrains – especially in larger vehicle classes. That is why road testing of near-standard vehicles with a hydrogen fuel cell drivetrain is an important milestone in our research and development efforts.”

Hydrogen fuel cell technology has the potential to supplement internal combustion engines, plug-in hybrid systems, and battery-electric vehicles. The hydrogen tank can be filled quickly in only three to four minutes.

The BMW i Hydrogen NEXT combines hydrogen fuel cell technology with BMW eDrive technology. Energy is generated in the fuel cell, which is created from a chemical reaction between the hydrogen within the vehicle and oxygen from the air. Energy is stored to allow for fast acceleration or manoeuvres.



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