The history of Volkswagen Vans

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Over the past 70 years, an outstanding 13 million Volkswagen Vans have been sold. Volkswagen Vans are well known for business use and have plenty of custom options to suit you and your needs. The VW Transporter has been the longest production run of any commercial vehicle.

1950 – 1967: Volkswagen Transporter T1

The first prototype for Volkswagen Vans was produced in 1949 and was approved for production the following year. The T1 (Transporter, known as the Type 2 car to Volkswagen) used the engine and gearbox from the VW Beetle. The Transporter also had capacity of 750kg when further models launched in panel, passenger (kombi), and eight-seater bus versions. The van started rolling off the production line in Wolfsburg. Shortly after, production expanded into Brazil, Australia, and Mexico – as the popularity of the van soared.

1967 – 1979: Volkswagen Transporter T2

The T2 launched with similar characteristics to T1, with a more powerful engine, revised suspension, and increased capacity (900kg). The T1 had a split window screen which was removed to improve visibility for drivers in the T2. The Transporter became a cultural symbol for those in the 60’s and 70’s with painted peace signs and flowers on the exterior.

Further factories were added in Brazil, Argentina, and Yugoslavia due to the popularity and increased sales of the Transporter.

1979 – 1992: Volkswagen Transporter T3

The T3 underwent a significant facelift and became wider, longer, and provided a lot more room for the driver and passengers. During this time, new water-cooled engines entered the market, alongside catalytic converters, turbochargers, and all-wheel drive systems which dramatically changed the game in terms of comfort, especially for the mod cons. By this time, the Transporter was sold in 180 different markets.

1990 - 2003: Volkswagen Transporter T4

The T4 landed in 1990 and was produced with a new front-engine and front-wheel drive. More options became available, including varied engine choices, two-wheelbase options, added tailgate, and further door options. Model variants increased to include: the panel van, kombi, double cab, pickup, and chassis.


2003 - 2015: Volkswagen Transporter T5

The T5 offered petrol and diesel engines, with two load lengths, three roof heights, and an outstanding number of different variants.

2015+: Volkswagen Transporter T6

Safety became a primary focus with the launch of the T6, which included the latest modern driver assistance aids. The T6.1 was launched with a new interior, power steering, and increased efficiency.

What does the future look like for Volkswagen Vans?

Currently, Volkswagen is producing T7 prototypes. The new design has kept an eye on the original T1 and has been adapted with a fresh new retro design, the latest technology, and sensors to manage the lighting system. The story continues for a business who are constantly adapting to consumer needs.

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