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What is an ex-demonstrator car?

Ex-demonstrator cars are used by dealerships to help customers find the right car for them and demonstrate the features of the vehicle. Generally, the cars will have very low mileage, as they have not been owned or used in the same way that other used vehicles have. Dealerships change stock on a regular basis to make room for the incoming new models. When coupled with immediate delivery, high specification and prices well below our new car listings, it's no wonder that 'ex-demos' have become an increasingly smart solution for customers.

What are the advantages of buying an ex-demonstrator car?

  • ‘Nearly-new’ condition

Ex-demonstrators cars come with very low mileage as they have often been used for test drives with potential new car buyers. The cars are registered under the dealer’s name as it is technically ‘used’, but you are paying a used car price for an almost brand-new model. The cars are washed, serviced, valeted and all the relevant paperwork is included.

  • High specification

Ex-demonstrators cars are in the dealership to show the model in the best light to potential new customers. Therefore, the cars often have high specifications with optional extras for example, improved upholstery, larger alloy wheels and other styling features.

  • Warranty

As the car will only be a few months old, you’ll still benefit from the remaining manufacturer’s warranty on the vehicle.

  • Value

You could get a great deal on a nearly new car. Some ex-demonstrators will have less than 1000 miles on the clock.

  • Immediate delivery
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Ex-demonstrators cars for sale at Listers

Listers have a wide range of ex-demonstrators cars for sale from leading brands here. If you want to know more about these cars, please get in touch or head to your local Listers dealership and the team will be happy to help.

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