E10 Bio Fuel and your Honda vehicle.

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E10 petrol aims to reduce CO2 emissions and reduce harmful effects on the environment, you may be wondering if your Honda is compatible with E10 Bio Fuel and if you should make the switch.

Why Switch?

Bio Fuel is a type of petrol that contains up to 10% ethanol, which is a renewable fuel extracted from crops like grain, sugar beet or straw. This fuel specification is kinder to the environment and meets the same quality standards as regular unleaded petrol.

As transport is currently responsible for approximately 24% of CO2 emissions in the UK, the introduction of Bio Fuel aims to provide significant reductions in the amount of CO2 emissions from vehicles. 84% of UK vehicles are said to be compatible with E10 petrol, making the switch easy.

Honda Compatibility

Not sure whether your Honda is compatible with E10 Bio Fuel?

It’s simple, if your car is post 1996 and equipped with electronic fuel injection (Honda PGM-FI), you can use E10 petrol. All post 1996 Honda models are equipped with Honda PGM-FI.

Some petrol engines, especially older ones, could face issues when using E10 petrol, such as the fuel system or the engine itself. So, if your Honda is aged pre 1996, or you are unsure of the year your car was made and whether it may be compatible with E10 petrol, please visit the Government’s E10 petrol compatibility checker to find out if your vehicle is affected.



Frequently Asked Questions

Is my Honda compatible with E10 Bio Fuel?

If your Honda was made post 1996, your car can use E10 petrol. If your car was made before 1996, or if you aren't sure when your car was built, please contact your local Honda Dealership.

Is there a difference between E10 petrol and regular unleaded petrol?

Yes, E10 is a new fuel specification that is more sustainable and kinder to the environment. It is only similar to regular unleaded petrol in that it has the same level of quality, so making the switch is simple.

Is E10 available everywhere?

The roll-out process of E10 has already started across the UK, but you might not see it at every petrol station. Different fuel providers may opt to bring E10 petrol in at different timescales, therefore the availability of E10 petrol may vary by geographical location and retailer.

Will E5 stop being available?

At present, E5 will still be available in the majority of all petrol stations. This may change in future.

Does E10 affect performance and mpg?

Any difference in performance should be unnoticeable. However, E10 petrol does contain slightly less energy than E5 petrol. If you wanted to, you can also mix premium, standard and E10 unleaded petrol with no issues as long as you are filling up a car that is compatible with E10.

What if I put E10 petrol in by mistake?

As long as your Honda is compatible with E10, you are fine to drive. If your car isn't compatible as it was made pre 1996, we recommend you cease using the vehicle and contact your local Honda dealer for assistance in either draining the vehicle of fuel, or for advice on what to do next.

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