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Our furry friends have become more prevalent in our lives than ever before, helping us get through some tough times. One in three households now own a dog, making a total of 12.5 million dogs in the UK today. That’s why MINI have joined the Dogs Trust's mission to help dogs travel happier across the nation, pledging to become the first officially dog-friendly car retailer by 2022.

This was “Born from our entire team’s passion for dogs, we are so excited to be partnering with Dogs Trust,” David George, Director of MINI UK says. “With more dogs in families now than ever before, we want to help make sure they travel safely and enjoy the ride. It’s just as important to us that our four-legged customers love being in a MINI as much as the drivers do and we have had a lot of fun letting dogs of all shapes and sizes put our cars through the ultimate tail-wagging tests.”

All paws welcome at Listers Boston

So how do you choose a dog-friendly car?

A recent survey conducted amongst MINI UK customers showed that 91% of dogs are happy riding in a MINI, but how do you ensure that your car is as dog-friendly as possible?

Space and comfort. After a long dog walk, your dog might want to stretch out and have a comfortable spot to sit in on the journey home. So you might ask yourself, will your dog have enough height and width in the boot, in order to be able to relax for the drive?

Dog-friendly materials. As much as you may love your dog, the mud and mess they can leave can be difficult to tidy up. That’s why you should consider selecting durable but easy to clean fabrics. Non-slip surfaces are also a must (such as a mat or liner) to ensure that your furry friend won’t slip or fall.

Easy access. Making sure your car is as easily accessible as it can be can make all the difference to your dog. A low base will help your dog jump in and out of the boot or back of your car; and if your dog is a small breed or an older dog, a ramp will help too.

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If in doubt, try it out.

Have you got your eye on one of MINI’s dog-friendly models, but want to make sure it really fits the bill?

The best way to find out if you and your dog are going to be happy travellers is to test it out. You and your furry friend are welcome to visit us at Listers Boston for a test drive.

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All paws are welcome at Listers Boston.

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