MINI STRIP - Collaboration with Designer Paul Smith

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The MINI STRIP is a one-off vehicle created by fashion designer, Paul Smith. The STRIP is a crucial statement emphasising the firm’s sustainability ambitions within the automotive industry.

The team began stripping down the MINI Electric and only kept elements that were deemed absolutely necessary. MINIs mission is to create a more sustainable world by using recycled and environmentally friendly materials.

Oliver Heilmer, Head of MINI Design explains: “For me, the MINI STRIP shows in an impressive way that MINI and Paul Smith share the same bold way of thinking about the future in terms of innovation and design - and together we create more. Paul asked essential questions right at the start of the design process with his non-automotive and therefore fresh perspective. We are proud to have developed such a strong character statement together”.


  • The body is covered in a thin film of transparent paint to protect the car against corrosion.
  • Visible screws to show how easy the raw materials could be removed at the end of the vehicles service life.
  • 3D printing to produce front and rear apron inserts.
  • Wheel covers to reduce drag; the covers are made from recycled Perspex.
  • The panoramic roof is also made from recycled Perspex.


  • The cockpit has been stripped back to the bare essentials, no screens only a mobile phone holder.
  • The steering wheel has been minimalised and wrapped in handlebar tape similar to a road bicycle. When the vehicle is at end of life, the aluminium on the wheel can be reused.
  • The door panels are made from mesh material and the door structure is visible behind.
  • The pull handles are made from wound-up climbing rope.
  • The seats are made from knitted fabric.
  • Floor mats are made from recycled rubber.
  • The dashboard, upper door panels and parcel shelf are made from recycled cork.