Unusual road signs from around the world

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There’s a whole range of different road signs around the world. Some are obvious: stop, narrow roads, children crossing and then some bizarre ones. We’ve picked out our favourites from around the world.

Hawaii - Beware of Invisible Cows


Over 20 years ago, the Mauna Kea Access Road in Hawaii was open and cattle would wander across the road... After many incidents, security measures increased and cows are now safely secured in fields.

New Mexico - UFO


You might be wondering what this sign means? New Mexico is known for famous UFO encounters in the movies and in the 1970s New Mexico started actually having UFO sightings, which lead to ‘cattle mutilations’.

Oamaru - Penguins


Penguins are important to the wilderness in New Zealand and they can often cause accidents in Oamaru if drivers don’t slow down. Blue penguins are fairly small and they can be quite hard to see, especially at night time.

Alaska - Mosquito Warning


This one gave us a chuckle. A humorous sign in Denali, Alaska.

Beijing - Elephants


Looks like you can't transport elephants on the back of trucks in Beijing.

Northern California - Brakeless Trucks


You might want to watch out if you're on the freeway in California.