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What is a service?

A vehicle service is a routine health check with maintenance to ensure your vehicle is in a reliable, safe and fully-functioning condition, based on the guidelines set out by the vehicle manufacturer. At Listers, our highly-trained technicians will look at the condition of your vehicle and check for wear and tear to brakes, oil filters and the engine belt. As well as the many other systems and component checks, they will also recommend parts replacements where required, which might save you money in the long run.

Is a service the same as an MOT?

No. An MOT, also known as the Ministry of Transport test, is a visual inspection and is required by law once a year, to determine whether the vehicle meets the minimum road safety requirements set out by the DVSA. MOT checks include brakes, lights, tyres, seatbelts and much more.

A service is recommended to maintain the health condition of your vehicle and prolong its lifespan and value.

Both seem very similar, right? However, they both look at different parts of the vehicle and the service is more in-depth.


How often should you service your vehicle?

Vehicle servicing can vary depending on the brand and model. However, it’s recommended that you follow the official manufacturer service schedule, to determine when the next service is due by time or mileage (whichever comes first). Most vehicles will give you an indication of when the next service is due on your dashboard. Once complete, the clock will reset so the car knows action has been taken and the countdown until the next service will appear.

To keep your vehicle running smoothly and prevent any problems from occurring, it’s a good idea to get your vehicle checked over.

What’s included in a service?

There are several different services you can choose from depending on your vehicle requirements - this varies by brand and model. A service includes specific checks such as: giving your vehicles fluid levels a top-up and the highly-trained technicians may recommend replacement parts such as new spark plugs. An oil change often happens at particular mileage intervals.

At Listers, no matter which service you choose, your vehicle will receive a complimentary health check as well as a post-inspection test drive by one of our manufacturer-trained technicians, to ensure your vehicle is as good as new - plus a complimentary wash and vacuum. We also offer a collection and delivery service. Book a service here.


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