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Hello Aygo X

The Toyota Aygo was first introduced in 2005 and has been the perfect car for urban commuters in Europe. The next-generation A-segment car is the All New Toyota Aygo X , which has just been revealed before going on sale early next year.

The All New Toyota Aygo X is a crossover in the A-segment, designed and produced in Europe to meet the demands of the urban and suburban life. Toyota researched the European market to meet customer needs - stylish, compact and confident.

Designed for the city streets, the Aygo X has a small turning radius of just 4.7 metres - perfect for the tight turns on the UK roads. The total body width has increased by 125mm to 1,740mm. As a result, the front seats are set 20mm further apart, increasing shoulder space by 45mm. Luggage space is also segment-leading with 125mm more load space length and a smart space design behind the rear seats, increasing cargo capacity by more than 60 litres to 231 litres. Vehicle height has been increased by 50mm to 1,525mm.


Toyota Aygo X Colours

The new colour concept is inspired by different spices, producing a unique range of colours that capture the car’s flavours and personalities.

Cardamom conjures an impression of style and elegance, delivering a refined and understated aesthetic with a green low saturation effect.

Chilli is a fiery premium colour that catches the eye with a warm and deep colour reflection, thanks to the inclusion of a fine sprinkling of blue metallic flakes in the red paint.

Ginger is a sophisticated and enduring shade that hints at a spirit of adventure and warm complexity in its neutral hue.

Juniper is youthful with a touch of masculinity; a blue created specifically for the model gives it an icy coolness with subtle reddish undertones.

Each of these colours contrasts with the bi-tone black of the roof and rear, making the Aygo X instantly recognisable.

Aygo X Interior

Sound-insulating materials have reduced the interior noise levels to create a quieter cabin. The Articulation Index (noise level) has improved by 6% to be amongst the top performers within the segment. Toyota and JBL (speakers) collaborated to deliver a premium audio system featuring a sound profile tailored to the car’s characteristics. The audio system consists of a four-speaker set-up coupled with a 300W amplifier.

Customers will stay connected with their Aygo X via Toyota Smart Connect and MyT smartphone app. Toyota's Smart Connect includes a nine-inch high-definition touchscreen display, with ambient lighting and wireless charging, offering a seamless user experience with the accompanying MyT smartphone app. With the MyT app, customers can keep track of various vehicle data and information, such as driving analytics, fuel levels, warning alerts and a vehicle tracker.

Toyota has also taken a big step forward in safety. The Toyota Safety Sense includes the Pre-Collision System, daytime Cyclist Detection, Collision Mitigation Support functions, Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Trace Assist and Emergency Steering Assist.


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