Top Gear's electric car of the year 2022: The Volkswagen ID Buzz

ID Buzz electric car of the year

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The newly released ID Buzz really is living up to its name and making a buzz! It has recently won the Top Gear electric car of the year award, exceeding people's expectations with its design and driving experience.

Why did the Volkswagen ID Buzz win the award?

The Volkswagen ID Buzz won the award because Volkswagen is being bold, brave and beautiful. Top Gear awards have said it looks corking on the road, rides the cusp of retro-futurism perfectly, drives cleanly and lightly and is electric motoring at its most upbeat and positive. Now that’s worth rewarding. With electric sports cars there’s a discernible downside, but here there isn’t – silence, smoothness and simplicity is precisely what you want. It drives better than any van, is swift enough, has winning cabin design and packaging, but mostly is a brighter, more engaging way for a family to travel.

ID Buzz all-electric

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