Outstanding safety awards for ID. Buzz Cargo and Caddy Cargo

The Volkswagen ID. Buzz Cargo and Caddy Cargo receives Platinum and Gold NCAP awards for outstanding road safety.

ID. Buzz Cargo

The ID. Buzz Cargo from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles delivers in many ways: not only goods and services for its users, but also in terms of safety. The tests by Euro NCAP reveal a convincing performance – for example, in braking tests in front of stationary and moving obstacles such as stationary or slow-moving vehicles, as well as pedestrians or cyclists approaching from the side, even in the dark.

The electric delivery van’s lane-keeping capabilities and its occupant monitoring system are also impeccable. The ID. Buzz Cargo has a Blind Spot Assist system on board. In addition, the vehicle reacts to oncoming traffic when turning and dynamically adapts its speed when driving, including in line with local speed limits, thanks to a camera system and digital mapping. Overall, the ID. Buzz Cargo impressed in the specific Euro NCAP tests on the safety of commercial vehicles, achieving a score of 83 per cent in the Safety Assist category thanks to its camera and radar systems. The final verdict: ‘Platinum for commercial vehicle safety’.

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Caddy Cargo

The Caddy Cargo from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles also impressed and achieved good results in the tests, thanks to its on-board assist systems for emergency braking in front of obstacles such as stationary or slow-moving traffic as well as pedestrians and cyclists. It also performed particularly well with its ability to return to its lane. Overall, the test engineers at Euro NCAP deemed this worthy of a performance rating of 68 per cent in the Safety Assist category and a Gold award in the overall rating for 2024.

Both Euro NCAP results impressively demonstrate that safety in commercial vehicles can be improved even further through the increased use of assist systems.

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