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Car and Driving's Independent Used Review of the Land Rover Discovery Series 4 (2009 - 2013) Range

By Andy Enright
Added 22nd November, 2013 , updated 10th March, 2015

Customer satisfaction tests prove that the Land Rover Discovery 4 has aced the reliability thing that plagued earlier iterations of this car, so with that issue taken care of, you can properly consider the actual merits of this model. There are plenty of them. Many SUVs can perform well on and off road - it's not an exclusively Land Rover preserve. But where the Discovery 4 scores is in offering the off-road ability of a properly agricultural, ladder-framed old schooler with the fit and finish of the latest sports activity vehicles. In that regard, it's very hard to beat. Of course, the irony is that the specialised engineering built into this vehicle will very rarely be used by its target clientele, many of whom might well be better advised to look at something more road-biased. Still, these vehicles sell on image and for some, there's no substitute for a Land Rover badge. That's a bit of a shame. The Discovery 4 is a car with genuine depth of talent. Just look to buy one from someone who has never quite figured this out.

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