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Car and Driving's Independent Used Review of the Land Rover Discovery Sport SD4 (2014 - 2015) Range

By Andy Enright
Added 21st May, 2015 , updated 20th May, 2015

It doesn't seem so long ago that we were lauding the arrival of the SD4 engine as the saviour of the Freelander range. How time flies. Now it's been superseded by the TD4 Ingenium motors, it's tempting to consider this first batch of Discovery Sports as something of an anomaly. They're anything but. You're still getting a 4x4 with a grunty 190PS engine that generates stacks of torque, yet will still return 46.3mpg in manual guise and 44.8mpg for the nine-speed auto version. That's not a bad deal for something that gets to 62mph in below 9 seconds and can seat seven. We've had egg on our faces when predicting the future where Land Rover is concerned, but we're probably not going out on a limb by stating that these SD4 models look like the value pick for used Disco Sport buyers.

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