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Car and Driving's Independent Used Review of the Toyota Aygo (2012 - 2014) Range

Added 28th March, 2014 , updated 23rd December, 2015

Later versions of the first generation Toyota Aygo did their best to fight the growing sophistication of citycar rivals, but without an all-new model it was always a fight the Japanese brand was always destined to lose. That model arrived in 2014 and many may wonder what the justification might be in buying a later version of the older outdated car. The answer is because it's cheap and it's reliable. No, it's not the last word in sophistication, but if you want a small city runabout that feels like it's been well engineered but don't want to pay through the nose, later versions of the MK1 Aygo still make a great deal of sense. Get the right deal on one and we'd wager you'd be very satisfied.

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