Servicing for your Audi starts from just £170

We will get you back on the road within 90 minutes with Twin Servicing

Using an Audi Centre for servicing means your car will receive the dedicated care of Audi Trained Technicians, who only use Audi Genuine Parts and specialist diagnostic equipment. It’s why we say that nobody knows your Audi like we do.

Call to Arrange your Service/MOT

0121 746 5250

Mon - Fri: 8:00am - 7:00pm | Saturday: 8:30am - 4:00pm | Sunday: Closed

Introducing Audi Cam

If our technicians spot something that is not quite right, they will investigate further. If it is something worth bringing to your attention, they will film a short video to tell you about the work they recommend.

Your Service Advisor will have bought you an iPad, and while you wait in comfort in our Audi lounge, and you can authorise any additional work after viewing the Audi Cam video straight from there. That way, you’re always in complete control.

Fixed Price Servicing for Audis under 3 years old.

During an oil change service, we change your oil and your oil filter, as well as check your hydraulic, power steering, and coolant fluids.

We also check your front and rear brake pads and discs and look underneath your Audi for any damage, loose joints or leaks. Finally we check your tyre wear, exhaust system, drive belt condition and battery.

Job Vehicle Price
Oil Change ServiceA1From £220.67
Oil Change ServiceA3From £198.51
Oil Change ServiceA4From £236.62
Oil Change ServiceA5From £213.15
Oil Change ServiceA6From £225.31
Oil Change ServiceA7From £283.65
Oil Change ServiceA8From £212.20
Oil Change ServiceQ2From £213.15
Oil Change ServiceQ3From £223.68
Oil Change ServiceQ5From £249.68
Oil Change ServiceQ7From £283.65
Oil Change ServiceTTFrom £231.40

Fixed Price Servicing for Audis over 3 years old.

So you know exactly how much it will cost before you visit.

Job Vehicle Price
MOTAll models£49.99
Interim service2 litres and under£170
Interim serviceOver 2 litres£203
Major service2 litres and under£338
Major serviceOver 2 litres£409
Courtesy wash and vacuumAll modelsFREE