Genuine Audi 'AO' Tyres

AO - The mark of quality and safety

Look for the 'AO' stamp

Audi Genuine Tyres are specially developed and coordinated with your particular Audi to ensure the highest standards of safety and comfort. There’s a simple way to check your tyre is an Audi Genuine Tyre: the ‘AO’ stamp, which stands for ‘Audi Only’.

It means you can be confident these tyres have undergone over 50 separate performance tests and have been checked to much higher standards than statutory tyre regulations.

Did you know we Price Match

All the extra passion and expertise of Audi, without any extra cost

If you have a quote from any provider for repairs, service, maintenance or new tyres that includes Audi Genuine Parts, we guarantee you won’t pay a penny more for the same job at Audi. All the extra passion and expertise of Audi, without any extra cost.

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We won’t just tell you, we’ll show you

If we spot something that’s not quite right, our technicians will send you a short video to run through their findings and their recommendations.

Waiting in our Audi Lounge? Our Service Adviser will bring you a tablet to monitor your Audi and you can authorise any additional work there and then.