Genuine Audi 'AO' Tyres

AO - The mark of quality and safety

Look for the ‘AO’ stamp

Audi Genuine Tyres are specially developed and coordinated with your particular Audi to ensure the highest standards of safety and comfort. There’s a simple way to check your tyre is an Audi Genuine Tyre: the ‘AO’ stamp, which stands for ‘Audi Only’.

It means you can be confident these tyres have undergone over 50 separate performance tests and have been checked to much higher standards than statutory tyre regulations.

Audi Service Price Match includes replacement tyres

Not only can we find the right tyre for your Audi, we can also match any other supplier’s price for the same tyre. So you’ll have the ultimate in reassurance when you come to Audi.

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Introducing Twin Servicing

Using a Listers Audi Centre for new tyres means your car will receive the dedicated care of Audi Trained Technicians, who only use Audi Genuine Parts and specialist diagnostic equipment. It’s why we say nobody knows your Audi like we do.

Our latest innovation is Twin Servicing. It is all about getting you back on the road within 90 minutes when you make an advanced appointment by using two Technicians, working in harmony on your Audi.

Audi Cam

If our technicians spot something during their visual inspection that is not quite right, such as uneven tyre wear, they will investigate further. If it is something worth bringing to your attention, they will film a short video to tell you about the work they recommend.

While you are waiting, your Service Advisor will bring you a tablet to monitor your Audi and authorise any additional work that may be required there and then. That way, you’re always in complete control.