Land Rover Express Vehicle Check

At Listers Land Rover, as part of our supreme level of service, we offer a comprehensive assessment of the overall condition of your Land Rover with a complimentary Electronic Vehicle Health Check (eVHC).

The eVHC includes a Service Advisor taking you through a report of the results, which will last approximately 15 minutes.

If there is anything that requires attention, we will endeavour to complete any highlighted eVHC work authorised the same day, whilst your vehicle is at the retailer. Alternatively, we will arrange an appointment for the work to be done at your convenience.

A highly qualified Land Rover technician will provide you with a report of your eVHC using an easy to understand traffic light system. GREEN means no service or maintenance is required, AMBER means work is advisory or may need attention in the future and RED highlights work that requires immediate attention.

During your eVHC, the Technician may also use video capture to film the inspection*.

What's involved

CHECK: Your Land Rover Technician carries out the complimentary Electronic Vehicle Health Check and films any issues identified as red or amber.

NOTIFY: You’ll receive an email containing a link and unique access code to view the video*.

REVIEW: You’ll be directed to a personalised webpage with the footage, audio explanations and annotated imagery.

AUTHORISE: Along with our findings, you’ll receive a fully priced quote. Simply click to authorise work or request a call back*.

  • *This feature is market dependant.