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What happens if I don't have an MOT test?

It's illegal to drive your car without a valid MOT test certificate. You can be fined and get points on your license. Without a regular safety check you could be driving around in a car that's a risk to you and other road users. If you had an accident, your insurance policy for the car could be void.

What does an MOT include?

The MOT test is not a service. The MOT test checks for the minimum level of functioning to allow your car to be safe on the road.

Internal checks

Lights and switches, the seats and seat belts, the wipers, the steering wheel, the doors, the mirrors, the speedometer and even the horn.

External checks

Plates, lamps, indicators, bodywork, tyres and wheels. The windows and windscreen will be checked too along with all the doors and fuel cap.

Under the vehicle

Steering and driving shafts, suspension, brakes and wheel bearings. The exhaust and fuel systems will be examined along with the overall condition of the vehicle.

Under the bonnet

Electrical wiring and battery along with the actual bonnet.