Club SmartGuard

SMART repairs

No matter how careful you drive, dents, scuffs, chips and scratches to your paintwork are an everyday reality. They bring down the look of your car and repairing can compromise your no claims bonus.

That's where Club SmartGuard can help

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As a Club SmartGuard member, you can avoid such frustrations and benefit from:

  • Biannual vehicle assessments
  • Unlimited interim maintenance visits - To inspect and repair wear and tear to your paintwork and alloy wheels at significantly reduced costs
  • Access to over 100 highly experience and qualified mobile repair technicians - Using cutting edge SMART technology to professionally repair minor damage

We come to you

Our repair technicians use state of the art vehicles that allow us to come to a location on a date and time of your choosing, to carry out your repair. Therefore, there’s no need to take a day off work or be left without your car whilst it is at a body shop..

Club SmartGuard


Club SmartGuard membership results in significant reductions in the cost of all associated repairs.


Repairs carried out at a location, date and time of your choosing by highly qualified mobile technicians.


Keeps your vehicle in great condition with an unlimited number of repairs throughout your membership.


Access to a nationwide network of specialist repair technicians, carrying out over 150,000 repairs every year, using state of the art equipment to bring the repairs to your doorstep.


Protects the value of your car when you come to part-exchange and avoids any costly last minute repair bills.


Our highly qualified repair technicians use state of the art technology to provide high quality repairs.


A simple, easy and quick repair booking process, available at your fingertips with our smart phone app.