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Listers Protech Listers Protech Plus (Fabric) Listers Protech Plus (Leather)
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  • Polymer Paint Sealant
  • Quick Drying Fabric Protector
  • Alloy Wheel Protector*

    300ml bottle

  • KeyFinder Fob
  • Leather Barrier Cream

    300ml bottle

Listers Protech

Keeping your vehicle in showroom condition is not an easy task - As time goes by your paint can lose its shine, and your interior starts to show signs of general wear and tear.

That’s where Listers Protech can help - Our paint and interior protection package is designed to keep your car in showroom condition inside and out.

Paintwork Protection

Every panel on your vehicle is treated with our polymer based sealant, forming an invisible barrier that seals and protects your vehicles paintwork from environmental conditions.

ProTech Exterior Protection

Interior Protection

Our valeters will apply a resin based compound to your seats and carpets, creating a tough invisible barrier to repel dirt and every day liquids. Spilled liquids simply sit on the surface and can be easily removed without staining your upholstery.

Plus receive a complimentary AfterCare box consisting of pH Neutral Shampoo, Bird Lime Neutraliser, Sponge, and Microfibre Cloth to help maintain your vehicle's showroom look.

ProTech Interior Protection

Lifetime Guarantee

Lasting for the lifetime you have ownership of the covered vehicle, the Listers Protech guarantee provides protection for your paintwork & fabric interior, covering:

Paint Protection

  • Panel Fading
  • Noticeable deterioration of the gloss finish

Fabric Interior

Upgrade to Protech Plus

Upgrade to Protech Plus and receive an AfterCare Treatment pack including:

  • pH Neutral Shampoo
  • Alloy Wheel Cleaner
  • Alloy Wheel Protector*
  • Tyre & Trim Dressing
  • Bird Lime Neutraliser
  • Sponge
  • Microfibre Cloth
  • Alloy Wheel Brush
  • Leather Barrier Cream (ProTech Plus Leather)

When upgrading to Protech Plus, you'll also receive a key finder fob, which gives you 3 years peace of mind in the event your keys are either lost or stolen. *Key Fob must be activated to receive this benefit.

Listers ProTech Plus

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