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Lexus have recently introduced a variety of new self-charging hybrid models into their fleet. These self-charging hybrid engines work by combining a petrol and electric motor, which work seamlessly to provide efficient power and low emissions. The Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid range require no plugging in, as the vehicle charges itself as you drive, meaning your vehicle is always ready whenever you need it.

Why choose a hybrid?

Hybrid technology is always expanding, and there are more and more hybrid cars going into production every day. This expansion has occurred due to the variety of financial benefits and the eco-friendly nature to the new hybrid engines. For example, owners of Lexus models that operate hybrid engines pay much less tax than an owner of a conventional engine Lexus. Lexus hybrids also increase fuel efficiency and lower emissions due to the electric motors that assist the engine in delivering power.

Luxury hybrid at its finest

Lexus are pioneers in the luxury-hybrid market, and using their experience in creating hybrid technology since 2004, they offer an unrivalled combination of luxury and smart efficiency. And with over one million Lexus hybrids sold to date, Lexus have the largest range of hybrid vehicles from any luxury manufacturer.


Lexus have also created a new electronic transmission in order to boost efficiency and optimise their self-charging hybrid engines. Electronically controlled variable transmission (E-CVT) is an intelligent transmission which offers an infinite number of gears within a broad range of ratios, allowing for automatic gear changes. This transmission will constantly analyse vehicle speed, road conditions, engine power and delivery input in order to select the optimal gear ratio for that precise moment. When that moment passes, it seamlessly moves to the next ratio.

Whether it is the CT Hatchback or the UX SUV, Lexus offer a broad range of luxury hybrids that will adapt to your lifestyle at any moment.

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