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Out with the old and in with the new; September has arrived, meaning a brand new number plate for all new registered vehicles, and it’s a big one.

From 2010-2019 the number 6 signified when a car was registered halfway through the year. For example, 68 would signify a car registered after September 1st 2018. As you would expect, this format has now continued on to 70 for all vehicles registered from September 1st 2020 onward (until March 1st 2021). This is the perfect excuse to upgrade your current vehicle to a brand new one and be one of the first on the road with the all-new 70 plate!

If this isn’t enough of an excuse, however, it’s now a great time to buy a new car in general. We not only have a fantastic selection of offers currently available, there is also an outstanding number of new models that have arrived at showrooms this year from the 18 brands we proudly represent.

Simply book an appointment and we'll be delighted to take you around any vehicles you would like to see, and even arrange for a demonstration drive to ensure you have full peace of mind about the model you're choosing.

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