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We understand that keeping your car clean and shiny isn’t very exciting, so to save you the time and hassle, Listers Protech is here to help. Our paint and interior protection package will keep your car in showroom condition inside and out.

Why choose Listers Protech?

Paintwork protection Every inch of paintwork is treated with our polymer-based sealant, forming an invisible barrier that seals and protects the paintwork from environmental conditions.

Interior protection Our resin-based compound will be applied to your seats and carpets to protect them from dirt and everyday liquids. Any spilled liquids will sit on top of the barrier and can be easily removed without staining the upholstery.

Complementary gifts Receive an AfterCare box consisting of pH Neutral Shampoo, Bird Lime Neutraliser, Sponge, and Microfibre Cloth. If you upgrade to Protech Plus, you’ll also receive a key finder fob.

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Washing a car

Washing your car at home

If you enjoy giving your car some TLC and prefer to wash it at home, it’s a job that’s surprisingly easy to get wrong. If done incorrectly, it can result in scratches or marked paintwork. However, with the correct basic equipment and use of a simple and correct technique, it is possible to keep your car clean and tidy. Here some tips for sprucing your vehicle up.

Pick your time

Washing your car in too much direct sunlight or heat can dry off the moisture too early, leaving streaks and marks. If your car is hot to the touch, washing with formulas or adding wax could end up damaging the paintwork. Washing your car on cooler days with less sunshine is the best time to get scrubbing.

Use a decent sponge

Old sponges and cloths can hold grit and dirt, which can scratch the paintwork. For this reason, it’s important to keep some sponges and cloths separate and reserved for washing your car, then wash them once you’ve finished. This way, you’ll know that they’re clean for next time.


Commonly used DIY car washing products like fairy liquid and other household products can break down the protective layer on your car. To avoid this, it’s best to invest in a specialised car shampoo at a supermarket or specialist store.

Don’t leave it to dry naturally

Leaving your car to dry naturally is a guaranteed way to get streaky watermarks. Try using a microfibre cloth instead. It can also be added to the washing machine afterwards.


Putting in some elbow grease and giving your car a post-wash wax is the best way to ensure a cleaner, shinier finish. It will also make the car easier to clean next time round and protect it against the elements.

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