Advanced Car Eye 3.0

Check out the incredible BMW Advanced Car Eye 2.0, available from Listers Boston and King's Lynn.

The BMW Advanced Car Eye 3.0 has a high-resolution QHD camera on the windscreen which monitors the car whilst on the road and when parked. Smart sensors enable the camera to record potentially dangerous traffic situations and attempted break-ins and property damage. The detailed videos can then be evaluated using the dedicated Advanced Car Eye app.

The BMW Advanced Car Eye 3.0 is available for £295 for the front camera or £495 for front and rear cameras, including fitting.

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BMW Advanced Car Eye 3.0 features

  • Automatic recording of situations, even when parked
  • Light-sensitive lens technology deliver detailer recordings
  • Precise recording of the route using integral GPS receiver
  • Incidents are recorded by the incident sensor
  • Direct control using the app. Recorded events can be viewed and archived using a smartphone.
  • Additional voice recognition for brief commands whilst driving
  • Automatically activated by incidents and relevant information recorded
  • Manual recording can also be set by pressing the REC button or by voice command
  • 32GB SD card supplied free of charge

Upgrade to the BMW Advanced Car Eye 3.0 Pro

Further to the above features, the Advanced Car Eye 3.0 Pro includes a LCD Touchscreen on the back of the front-facing camera to change settings and to provide a real-time view of what the camera is recording.

Available for £695, the Advanced Car Eye 3.0 Pro also connects with the app to allow evaluation of any recordings taken.

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  • ^Not compatible with BMWi models and rear view camera cannot be fitted to convertible models.