Genuine Parts

Maintaining your used Volkswagen's market value

Volkswagen Genuine Parts are designed to optimise vehicle performance and fuel economy specifically for our model range. While at first they may come at a small premium, their high quality and durability ensure that over your vehicles lifetime, they are in fact the lowest cost, and can contribute to maintaining your Volkswagen’s used market value.

Genuine Parts are covered by a two-year warranty with the ability to claim at home or abroad, with no upper claims limit for your peace of mind.

Genuine Air Filters

Be confident that the air going into your engine is clean and the fuel and air mixture is always correct with a Genuine Air Filter. Our higher quality pleated filter paper features optimal pore size to ensure even the tiniest particles of sand, dust, dirt, soot, pollen and moisture are captured, preventing damage and wear to your engine components.

Volkswagen air filter

Genuine Cabin Filters

Genuine Cabin Filters are there to stop contaminants getting into your Volkswagen’s interior via its heating and ventilation system. There are two different types of Genuine Cabin Filters, a ‘dust and pollen filter’ and a ‘pollution filter’. The ‘dust and pollen filter’ prevents dust, dirt, soot, and pollen entering your vehicle’s interior, while a ‘pollen filter’ does all of this as well as protecting against pollution gases, exhaust fumes and bad odours.

Volkswagen Cabin Filters

Genuine Oil Filters

A Genuine Oil Filter ensures clean, circulating oil enters your engine by effectively removing soot, oil carbons, and dust and metal particles from the engine oil.

Volkswagen Oil Filters

Genuine Brake Discs and Pads

Genuine Brake Discs and Pads are designed specifically for your Volkswagen model and tailored to its weight, engine output power and top speed for optimum braking performance, shorter stopping distances and enhanced service life.

Specifically designed friction materials eliminate juddering, screeching, chattering, grinding, vibrations and burning odours, enhancing driving comfort.

Genuine Volkswagen Brake Discs and Pads

Genuine Exhaust Silencers

A Genuine Exhaust Silencer is designed, engineered and thoroughly tested for the correct amount of back pressure, so it maximises your Volkswagen’s engine performance and fuel economy.

Genuine Volkswagen Exhaust Silencers

Genuine Cambelt

The cambelt connects the cam shaft to the crank shaft. If the cambelt fails, the engine valves can collide with the pistons and cause major engine damage. Therefore it is essential that the cambelt and other related parts are replaced at the recommended intervals.

Genuine Volkswagen Cambelt

Genuine Exchange Parts

Even when Genuine Parts eventually wear out after long periods of use, they still contain valuable reusable materials that are worth conserving. That’s why Volkswagen recovers used parts, re-manufactures them and offers them as Genuine Exchange Parts.

Volkswagen Genuine Parts