FAQ's: Choosing My Car

Can I take a test drive?

When you call the dealership to make an appointment, they will run through your requirements and make recommendations on the cars available to test drive. If the car requires any fitted adaptations, it may take up to 48 hours to arrange for a car to be available.

What do I need to bring along when I come to place an order?

When it comes to placing an order, you will need to bring:

  • Your Certificate of Entitlement (this is a letter from your benefits agency) to prove you are in receipt of the allowance.
  • A recent utility bill to prove your address. (i.e. gas, electricity, water bill, or bank statement)
  • Your driving licence. (if you will be the driver)
  • If you’re having a nominated driver, they will need to be present and have their driving licence. If they are unable to attend, they must complete a driver consent form.

Can my daughter/son/friend drive the car for me?

You can have 2 named drivers on the car insurance and add a 3rd person for a small fee.

What about my next car on the scheme?

You can order your next car three months before the end of your lease, but it’s a good idea to start thinking about your next vehicle a few months before.

Can one household have two customers on the Motability scheme?

There’s no restrictions to the number of Motability scheme cars within a household, as long as each individual applicant is in receipt of a qualifying mobility allowance and meet the eligibility criteria.

The customer’s allowance is used to cover the cost of the lease, so it is only possible to have one vehicle per customer