FAQ's: Using Your Car

Do you use location trackers?

The Scheme leasing will cover two named drivers. Regardless of who is the driver, the Scheme car will always be to the benefit of the disabled customer.

To make sure that Scheme customers benefit directly from the Scheme car, location trackers can be fitted to vehicles if the risk of misuse is high; such as, where Scheme customers permanently reside in a care home and have several drivers who have access to the car, or if none of the customer’s named drivers live with them.

It is expected that location trackers will be fitted in fewer than five percent of the 630,000 plus cars leased through the Motability. Where a tracker has been identified as appropriate, the Scheme customer will be contacted in advance of the date the tracker will being fitted. Data will only be collected on the location of a Scheme car at any time and this data will only be used where a report is needed, or suspicion raised, that a car may be being misused.

Trackers are just one of a few ways to cover the Scheme from abuse, and to ensure that the cars are used to assist Scheme members.

Can I learn to drive in my Motability Scheme car?

At 16 years old, you can learn in a Motability Scheme car. Drivers with a provisional driving licence need to be over 21 if you want them to drive your Scheme car and you can only have a single learner driver on your Motor Insurance at any time. You may also be able to get a Charitable Grant to help pay towards your lessons from Motability.

How can I get help with the cost of driving lessons?

If you have a Motability Scheme vehicle or you have ordered one, you can apply to help cover the cost of up to 40 hours of learning.