Seven amazing features of the All New Lexus UX

Discover some of the innovative features boasted by the All New UX.

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Lexus designers, engineers and master craftspeople have invested exceptional efforts in creating the all-new Lexus UX crossover, endowing the car with a rich vein of imaginative technology and beautiful styling details.

Here we focus on seven stand-out features that exemplify their work.

Self-Charging Hybrid technology

The All New Lexus UX SUV provides exhilaratingly smooth performance with next-generation efficiency. Journeys are powered by a fourth generation Self-Charging Hybrid, which switches seamlessly between petrol and electric and can travel up to 74mph in electric mode, and has a fuel consumption of up to 68.9 mpg.

The vehicle charges itself as you drive, so there’s no plugging in required. High thermal efficiency is also delivered by the engine with C02 levels from 94g/km. This translates to 22% Benefit In Kind tax for the 2019/20 financial year meaning company car drivers save up to £5,953 in tax compared to competitor models.

All New UX

Traditional Japanese upholstery stitching

The All New UX is available with leather seat upholstery inspired by sashiko, a traditional Japanese stitching technique used to apply protecting quilting to judo and kendo uniforms.

As well as referencing the shape of the vehicle’s signature grille, the stitching is aligned with the mathematical curves of the seat perforations and ventilation outlets. The result is a sophisticated fusion of art and functionality.

All New UX

Lexus Safety System+

The All New UX is equipped as standard with the advanced second-generation Lexus Safety System+.

A variety of features help keep everyone in the car safe – from helping you stay in your lane to detecting hazards and preventing collisions on the road.

10.3” Panoramic View Monitor

The Panoramic View Monitor combines images from four video cameras to give an amazing 360° birds-eye view of the car and its surroundings. This is displayed through a 10.3” screen, making it easier to park and manoeuvre through tight spaces.

Wireless illuminated vent controls

Each ultra-slim air vent on the UX features a single knob to control both the direction and intensity of the airflow. On Takumi grade models, this vent control houses a wireless LED light source powered by electrical induction.

This not only makes the control visible in the dark but its three-dimensional sequence of reflections creates a sense of depth that belies its relatively small size.

All New UX

Sophisticated power window system

In order to compliment the luxurious ambience inside the cabin, operation of the power windows is carefully controlled to reduce noise and juddering.

All the car’s opening windows are also equipped with an anti-jam and entanglement function, which prevents items such as clothing from becoming trapped.

Windscreen wipers with automatic pause function

As well as having an automatic rain sensor, the windscreen wipers are designed to gradually slow down so as not to impair driver concentration and reduce cabin noise.

True to the Lexus spirit of omotenashi – the best traditions of Japanese hospitality and service – the wipers automatically pause when a door is opened, avoiding the risk of people being splashed as they enter or exit the vehicle.

All New UX

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