World debut of the All New Lexus RX luxury SUV

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Luxury SUV refinement

Lexus has recently revealed the All New RX luxury SUV, continuing the model’s reputation as a pioneer in its class. In 2004, the RX became the first premium model to adopt self-charging technology, and continues to be a leader in the premium SUV market today, with the latest safety systems and hybrid drivetrains.

The All New RX and RX L retain their powerful, sporty appearance, with sharper headlights and a more defined front grille. More emphasis has also been given to the character line that runs the full length of the vehicle to generate a more flowing, consistent look. At the rear, the lower part of the bumper has been linked to the rear wings, which in turn blend with the window graphic at the base of the C-pillar, creating a distinctively elegant and powerful shape.

All New RX

Building on the experience gained from the LC coupe and LS saloon models, Lexus have put focus on achieving more engaging performance to improve the driving character of the All New RX. Enhancements in body rigidity and suspension performance have been made which result in excellent handling feel and precision steering that allows accurate tracing of the drivers’ desired lines. This has been achieved by the use of stiffer anti-roll bars and more rigid hubs. Active Cornering Assist further enhances cornering performance by supressing understeer when the driver steps on the throttle mid-bend. This results in a much more linear feel and faithful line tracing in all driving conditions.

The All New RX benefits from the latest version of Lexus Safety System+, equipping it with advanced safety and accident prevention technologies to warn the driver of a collision risk and help them avoid or mitigate the severity of an impact. The Pre-Collision System (PCS) monitors the road ahead using an in-vehicle camera and millimetre-wave radar to detect pedestrians in day and night-time driving and bicycle riders during daylight. The radar-controlled Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) works in conjunction with the Lane Trace Assist (LTA) to make it easier for the driver to keep the RX in its intended traffic lane. If the system detects the car is straying out of lane, it alerts the driver with a visual warning and either a buzzer or vibration of the steering wheel.

The new RX and seven-seat RX L are due to go on sale in the autumn; prices and full specifications of the UK range will be announced nearer the on-sale date.

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