The 21 most expensive vehicle number plates in the UK

The 21 most expensive vehicle number plates in the UK

Since the 1st March 2021, buyers registering their brand new cars have been able to get their hands on the latest ‘21’ number plates. Unless of course, buyers choose to purchase a private number plate. Purchasing your very own personalised number plate has become a British phenomenon, with prices increasing year after year.

We are here to present you with the 21 priciest car number plates sold in the UK:

25 0 - Purchased by a Ferrari trader, this is the most expensive number plate sold by the DVLA, at an eye-watering £518,480.

X 1 - In 2012 the buyer purchased this number plate for £502,500, which was just over half the original sale price of £1 million.

G 1 - This number plate was sold in 2011 for £500,000, making it the most expensive plate in the UK at the time.

RR 1 - In 2018 this number plate was sold at the Goodwood Revival for £472,000. It was named as "one of the most special" registration plates in the world.

F 1 - This number plate, admired by many Formula 1 racing fans was sold for £440,625.


S 1 - This was the first number plate to ever be issued in Scotland, selling at £404,063.

1 D - Bought by a property developer in 2009 for £352,411.

1 S - This private registration plate was bought for £340,000 in 2010, it was then placed onto a Rolls Royce Phantom instantly doubling the vehicle's price.

M 1 - Multimillionaire, Mike McComb bought this number plate for £331,500, which was reported to be for his son's 6th birthday.

GB 1 - This number plate was purchased for £325,000, and now sits on a Rolls Royce.

Number plate Cost
D 2£300,096
VIP 1£285,000
1 BM£285,000
V 1£275,000
S 5£270,300
GN 1£260,146
Number plate Cost
GS 1£258,775
51 NGH£254,000
1 RH£247,952
MS 1£235,000
MG 1£235,000

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Information has been sourced from Autotrader.